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Honda issued recall for Aviator, Activa 125 & Grazia for faulty front suspension part

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Honda has issued a voluntary recall for 3 of their popular scooters. The Japanese manufacturer has announced that the newly launched Grazia, Activa 125 & the Aviator have been recalled for a faulty component in the front suspension.

Honda reveals that the telescopic front fork of the Aviator, Activa 125 & Grazia might have a problem. This in particular is because of the excessive hardness in the ‘Bolt Flange 10×42’ mounted on the front fork of the scooters. Honda has also revealed that a total of 56,194 scooters are subject to this recall process.

Honda started inspecting these products from 7th February 2018 till 16th March 2018. However, if you own any of these scooters and did not get your vehicle serviced or inspected in the above mentioned timeline, you can visit the official website and punch in your vehicle VIN number to check if your scooter was subject to this recall. Also, you can simply visit the nearest service centre and ask for assistance.

Honda will replace the suspected part for free of cost, if required. This is regardless of the fact that your scooter is in warranty or not.

While the Aviator and Activa 125 are old models, customers who just bought a brand new Grazia will feel the pinch that their new scooter has a faulty component. But, this will be rectified by the brand.