Honda inaugurates 2nd scooter assembly line at Gujarat plant

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. today inaugurated the 2nd assembly line of its landmark fourth manufacturing plant at Vithalapur (Mandal taluk, Ahmedabad district) in the western state of Gujarat.

Adding an additional 6 lac units annual production capacity, the 4th plant’s total capacity has now reached 1.2 million units annually. The second assembly line inaugurated today is an exclusive scooter assembly line and will produce India’s largest selling two-wheeler Activa.

This expansion increases HMSI’s total annual production capacity to 5.8 million units, including 1.6 million units at first plant (Haryana), 1.2 million units at second plant (Rajasthan), 1.8 million units at third plant (Karnataka) and another 1.2 million units at the fourth plant (Gujarat).

With its fourth plant, Honda 2Wheelers is giving a big boost to economic development in Gujarat. Honda and its 23 vendors have together invested close to INR 2,200 crore and generated nearly 9,000 new employment opportunities in the State! Of this, Honda’s fourth plant is directly employing close to 3,000 Associates and has entailed a total investment of INR 1,100 crore.

After accelerating economic development with its fourth plant, Honda has ushered in the next wave of social development in the Ahmedabad district. Honda is empowering local population to emerge as main beneficiaries of this growth story and its CSR contribution has reached close to INR 70 million. Honda’s CSR approach in Gujarat focuses on holistic economic progress, social enrichment, better healthcare facilities and infrastructure development with environment conservation.

Details of Honda’s manufacturing facilities:




1st plant



2nd plant



3rd plant



4th Plant



HMSI total annual production capacity
Till FY’2010-11 1.6M units 1.6 million units
FY’2011-12 1.2M units 2.8 million units
FY’13-14   1.2M units 4.6 million units
FY’15-16     1.8M units 0.6M units 5.2 million units
FY’16-17     1.2M units 5.8 million units