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Honda cars to expand dealer network

Honda cars to expand dealer network
Written by Parichay Malvankar

After suffering big time in the Indian automotive industry due to the lack of diesel powered products, Honda came back strong when they introduced their i-DTEC range of diesel engines in multiple products. Currently, the Amaze, City and Mobilio get the Earth Dreams diesel engine and going forward, Honda is also working on introducing a smaller 3-cylinder diesel motor in the Brio and a possibility of the CR-V getting a diesel heart as well.

Honda has regained its lost momentum in terms of sales and the City is back to segment domination. Even the Mobilio and Amaze sell in decent numbers. Now, to enhance their sales and to reach out to a wider audience, Honda is planning to expand their dealer network to 230 facilities across 150 cities in the country.

Currently, Honda has 195 touchpoints across 127 cities and the increase in dealerships is being assumed to drive in increased demand. Backed by the diesel engine, sales reports are looking positive so far and Honda is optimistic about growth in the coming months. Also, with the Brio and CR-V in line for the diesel engine, sales numbers are bound to move a notch above the current figure.