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‘Honda Architecture’ to reduce manufacturing costs

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Japanese premium car manufacturer Honda has announced a new platform for their upcoming cars called Honda Architecture. The Honda Architecture will reduce the number of trims which will improve efficiency and parts sharing within Honda products.

With Honda Architecture, less time will be required for the development of mass market products. Honda claims 30% reduced manpower, that will be required by the year 2025, which can be used for future research. The first model from the brand to use the Honda Architecture is expected to be launched by next year.

Honda plans to concentrate more on the Hybrid-Electric vehicles and plans to develop small hybrid systems for use on small capacity vehicles and consolidate the two-motor hybrid system to be used on a large number of cars from their portfolio.

Honda also plans to simplify its production in its plants by reducing the number of variants in each model. Honda had a plant utilization capacity at 90% in 2018, except China, and by 2020 it plans to run them at full capacity and by 2025 a global reduction in cost by almost 10% is expected. By the year 2022, the company is also expecting a 25% reduction in cost on their electric hybrid systems which is expected to be seen on smaller capacity cars in the near future.