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Honda 2Wheelers India sales cross 40 lakh milestone in Karnataka

Written by Nayak

Honda 2Wheelers is now the first choice of over 40 lakh customers in Karnataka. The growth in the last 5 years has been quite great for the two-wheeler manufacturer. This is evident from the fact that it took almost 16 years to add the first 20 lakh customers. Meanwhile, the last two lakh customers were added in just 5 years. To keep up with the demand, Honda has constantly updated its lineup of products. In addition to this, the two-wheeler manufacturer has also expanded its network to newer locations. This helps in attracting more customers to the showrooms, thus boosting the sales. Honda mentioned that Activa and Shine are the top-selling products in the state.

Demand For Honda 2Wheelers On The Rise In Karnataka

Honda 2Wheelers mentioned that it has a market share of 49 per cent of the scooter segment in the state. And this is quite a remarkable figure. Secondly, the Honda 2Wheelers’ overall share in the two-wheeler segment stands at 32 per cent, i.e. including both motorcycles and scooters. To further enhance the sales and bring in more customers under this umbrella, Honda is constantly expanding its network. The current chain of dealerships includes over 380 touchpoints that include dealerships, authorized service centres and best deal outlets. Given the rise of online booking in the present times, Honda has also ramped up its digital services.

Honda’s Other Activity In the State

During the difficult times of Covid-19, the two-wheeler manufacturers had contributed INR 50 lac. This helped the needy get vaporizer machines, protection gear, masks and food packets etc. in the state. Alongside this, Honda 2Wheeler continues to carry ahead with its Road Safety campaign. The company claims that it has provided training to more than 1 lakh citizens at its Safety Driving Education Centers (SDECs) in the state. Furthermore, Honda is also spreading road safety awareness via engaging webinars as well as classroom sessions.

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