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Honda 2Wheelers India exports Navi to US Markets, deliveries begin

Written by Nayak

Honda 2Wheelers India expands its global export market. Earlier, Honda 2Wheelers India had started off with the export of CKD kits to Mexico. This was started in July 2021, and as of now, the company has exported over 5,000 CKD kits of the Navi bikes to the country. And now, Honda 2Wheelers India will start the export of Navi to the US market through Honda de Mexico. This new expansion gives a great opportunity for HMSI to set new standards of global manufacturing. Furthermore, this will also help India become a global hub for manufacturing and exports.

What Makes Honda NAVI So Popular?

The motorcycle is in the crossover segment. This means it comes with the advantages of a scooter with the characteristics of a motorcycle. Honda Navi is the perfect choice to filter through heavy city traffic, thanks to its compact design. Furthermore, the bike is also very easy to park in tight situations, thus adding to the convenient points. This made-in -India cross motorcycle, which is not doing great in its home country, has created a cult fan following in the overseas market. Honda claims that Navi not only makes a design statement in its standard form. But also makes a statement as fun to see, fun to ride and fun to create a motorcycle.

Customers also get a wide range of customization options with the scooter. Based on a scooter platform, but Honda Navi is more of a motorcycle. A perfect amalgamation of a scooter and a motorcycle, thus leveraging the advantages from both. With Navi now entering the US market, Honda will aim to further expand its business and boost its sales figure. Honda 2Wheelers India first started the export of Navi in 2016. And since then, the company has served more than 1.8 lakh customers. These are spread across 22 diverse export markets that include Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

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