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Highest Mileage or Give HCV, ICV & LCV Truck Back Guarantee by Mahindra

Written by Nayak

Mahindra Truck and Bus Division announced their unique initiative of “Get More Mileage or Give Truck Back”. This initiative will cover Mahindra’s entire BS6 range. This includes BLAZO X Heavy, FURIO Intermediate, and Light Commercial trucks, including FURIO7 and JAYO. In addition to this, Mahindra continues to provide service guarantees. And thus, customers can expect their trucks back on the road in 48 hours or get INR 1,000 per day.

Furthermore, Mahindra also guarantees 36 hours turn-around time from the dealership workshops. And failing this, Mahindra will pay INR 3,000 per day. Mahindra has its presence across the length and breadth of the country. The company has over 90 3S dealerships, 210 authorized service centres and a total of 1,600 retail outlets.

Mahindra’s New Range

Keeping with the competition, Mahindra’s new range gets some new additions. The power unit for the HCVs is the proven 7.2L mPower Engine. Meanwhile, for the ILCVs, Mahindra is using the mDi Tech Engine with FuelSmart Technology. Alongside this, these vehicles also get Mild EGR with a proven Bosch After Treatment System that leads to lower Adblue Consumption. One of the main highlighting features is the cutting-edge iMAXX Telematics solution that ensures guaranteed higher mileage. Mahindra mentioned that fuel expenses play a large part in a transporters’ operating cost (over 60%), and hence higher mileage is always preferable. Mahindra is quite confident regarding this new initiative will help attract more customers to join the brand.

Mahindra’s Product Range In India

The HCV segment perfectly resonates with the central government’s initiative of ‘Made in India, Made for India’. The manufacturing plant spread over 700 acres in Chakan is a key investment for Mahindra India. For this segment, the manufacturer has sold over 55,000 trucks. Meanwhile, in the LCV segment, Mahindra’s Truck and Bus Division has sold over 2,00,000 vehicles. To further enhance customer experience, Mahindra has set up India’s first multi-lingual 24X7 helpline. Moreover, customers also get the facility of mobile service vans and mobile workshops, thus enhancing the agility of the support network.

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