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Hero MotoCorp will launch new bike with HD X440 engine in 2024

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Hero and Harley-Davidson have just launched the new HD X440 in India. Thanks to the collaboration, Harley will get a support partner and a wide dealer network in India while the Indian bike maker will get access to technology. Now, it seems Hero is working on a new bike which is based on the X440 platform.

Hero’s X440-based motorcycle

Hero could borrow the engine and the chassis from the Harley-Davidson X440. BUt the company could launch it as a sporty bike by offering 17-inch alloys, sharp styling and design a more ergonomically involved bike.

Further, Hero is also likely to design the exhaust to offer a distinct sound. This is likely to be the identifying feature of the motorcycle. In terms of potential customers, Hero’s 440 will target a younger audience. Hence to appeal to such folks, Hero could incorporate additional features as compared to the X440.

Hero could also tweak the capacity of the engine to further separate the two bikes. This could be as both the Harley and the Hero’s derivative could be sold in the same dealership. While Harley-Davidson X440 will be sold across the existing Harley network, few premium Hero dealerships will also retail them.

The X440 was developed entirely in India with inputs from the Milwaukee-based bike maker. This means Hero has the technical know-how to develop a full fledged premium offering. The company also has a strong network which will come in handy to move products faster.

Pricing of spares and after sales

A strong point of Hero is the heavy localisation and the low cost of spares. This means with a strong dealer network and wide after-sales channels, Hero will be able to take on the likes of the Royal Enfield which has a wider reach pan India.

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