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Hero MotoCorp sold 5,05,467 two-wheelers in February 2021

Written by Nizam Shaikh

World’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, Hero MotoCorp announces its sales figures for the month of February 2021 revealing that the brand sold 505,467 units of motorcycles and scooters for the month. In February 2020, the Hero MotoCorp sold 498,242 units of two-wheelers. The brand shows growth in sales despite the ongoing supply chain disruption the automotive industry is going through and boasts that the jump in sales is the result of preparedness and countermeasures taken by Hero MotoCorp.

Sales Figures for February 2021 compared to the corresponding period last year

The brand records 463,723 units sales in the motorcycle department while 41,744 units of scooters were sold in February 2021. In February 2020, Hero MotoCorp records sales of 479,310 units of motorcycles which is slightly higher than 2021 but 18,932 units of scooters which are nearly half of what the brand sold in February 2021. The more than double sales in the scooter department is likely to be a result of the personal mobility needs that has arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as more individuals are resorting to personal mobility solutions to maximise social distancing which may not be possible in public transport especially during the rush hour.

Year-To-Date sales

Hero MotoCorp sold 48,08,849 units of motorcycles YTD 2021 compared to 56,84,508 units sold in YTD 2020, showing a slight drop in the sales figures Year-To-Date. But the scooter segment sold 405,732 units YTD 2021 as compared to 390,564 units YTD 2020 showing slight improvement, a majority of which is the contribution from February 2021 sales in scooters. In total, Hero MotoCorp sold 52,14,581 units YTD 2021 as compared to 60,75,072 units sold YTD in 2020.

Domestic Sales & Exports

Hero MotoCorp registers 484,433 units sold in the domestic market while 21,034 units in exports in the month of February 2021. As compared to February 2020, the brand sold 480,196 units in the domestic market and 18,046 units in exports. YTD 2021 domestic consumption records 50,55,590 units while 158,991 units were in exports. As compared to YTD 2020, the brand sold 59,14,773 units in the domestic market and 160,299 units were in exports.