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Hero MotoCorp plans to enter the four-wheeler market

Financial Express reports that Indian two-wheeler giant, Hero MotoCorp is planning to enter the four-wheeler market.

Although spotting four-wheelers from Hero MotoCorp on the Indian roads is still long away, the company expresses interest in building passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles. Other brands that successfully manufacture two-wheelers and four-wheelers include Honda, BMW, Suzuki etc.

Currently, the company plans to improve its local product development, for the two-wheeler market. We saw the company unveil multiple new products for the Indian customers at the 2014 Auto Expo in Noida, such as the Hastur, HX 250R, RnT, Zir etc. There is still no word about these products making it to the Indian roads anytime soon. Hero MotoCorp also recently announced that it is looking to set up its sixth manufacturing facility in South India.

With no major changes making it to the two-wheeler market post its split with Honda, what would you expect Hero MotoCorp to do in the four-wheeler market.