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Hero Lectro E-Cycles prices reduced thanks to Delhi EV Policy

Written by Nayak

Hero Lectro, the e-cycle brand of Hero Cycle Ltd., is now eligible for subsidy under Delhi EV Policy. With this, five variants of the brand after the government subsidy will see a significant effective reduction in the prices. This move will propel the usage of electric cycles, which are getting increasingly popular in the market. In addition to this, with the demand running high for EVs and the push for greener transportation options, the e-cycle offers a perfect balance of both. These can soon become the preferred choice of green and cost-effective last-mile delivery vehicle for commercial use cases.

What Are The Price Changes?

As a direct benefit of including e-cycles in the Delhi EV Policy, four Hero Lectro variants will get a price drop. These variants are C6, C8i, F6i and C5. These will see an effective price reduction of INR 7,500 across models. Furthermore, the Hero Lectro Cargo Winn cargo variant will see an effective price reduction of INR 15,000. Also, with this reduced price, Hero Lectro Cargo Winn is one of the most cost-competitive electric commercial vehicles at INR 34,999. Hero Lectro presently has the highest number of options eligible for this Delhi EV Policy subsidy. This includes four personal e-cycles and one cargo e-cycle.

E-Cycles – An Innovative Choice For Personal Mobility

After the Covid-19 pandemic, commuters are more inclined toward personal mobility. And with the increasing fuel cost, electric vehicles are getting more and more popular. E-cycles offer commuters an economical mode of personal transportation. Furthermore, these e-cycles also offer the flexibility of using them as a traditional pedal cycle. With people becoming more health-conscious, cycling is emerging as a popular exercise. Therefore, this is where e-cycles come into the picture to offer the customers much flexibility with the use cases. Moreover, Hero Lectro is one such brand that currently has the widest e-cycle portfolio in India’s organised market. The products span 14 variants across multiple utilities, including products with and without gears.

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