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Hero Electric & Zypp use Nyz-HX for last mile deliveries

Written by Nizam Shaikh

India’s leading electric mobility company, Hero Electric has announced that the brand has partnered with Gurgaon-based Electric mobility start-up Zypp Electric, formerly known as Mobycy, to convert last-mile delivery solution from petrol to electric power. Zypp Electric will use its expertise in tech-enabled operations to bring in the transformation. As part of the association, Zypp Electric will cater to its consumer base across major cities in India and the brand has already placed an initial order of 1000 customised Hero Electric Nyx-HX electric scooters. 

Hero Electric will be utilising its network of more than 500 dealers to provide service support along with a dedicated relationship manager for maximum uptime. The end-to-end service model not only provides with at least 90% uptime through the life of the vehicle, but the brand also boasts that it is the best available electric mobility solution ecosystem with low running cost, high load-carrying capability, intercity range, a comprehensive leasing solution and other customisable features. 

Zypp Electric aims to make India carbon-free and the company’s mission is to ‘Make all Last mile Deliveries Go Electric’. The brand also aims to electrify 100% last-mile delivery by 2025, under the partnership with Hero Electric. Furthermore, Hero Electric moves a step further to in its attempt to make the country greener and the new venture is in line with the brand’s Mission ‘No Emission’.

The Hero Electric Nyx-HX was only launched recently in the City Speed segment of the brand and is targeted towards B2B customers for last-mile deliveries and other commercial uses. The Hero Electric Nyx-HX boasts to be powered by high torque and a power-efficient motor that uses minimum energy to give the maximum output, keeping the stresses on the battery-pack low. The e-scooter also comes with a modular battery system that enables battery swapping for a quicker turn-around time. 

The Nyx-HX can also be customised with more than 10 applications for any business needs and can be fitted with a range of load-carrying solutions on the split seat that folds up as a backrest. The Nyx-HX can also be enabled with ‘on-demand’ smart connectivity solutions from Bluetooth interface to remote surveillance and diagnostic solution ensuring efficient fleet management. 

The Hero Electric NYX-HX is priced starting at INR 64,640 thank to the FAME2 subsidy.