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Hero Electric outsells competition through the entire year of 2021

Written by Nayak

Hero Electric was the highest-selling EV brand in the country last month. The sales figures prove that Hero Electric currently has almost 36 per cent of the market share. As of today, there are more than 4 lakh Hero Electric vehicles plying on the Indian roads. Given the rise in the demand for electric vehicles in the country, Hero Electric is now on the front foot. The demand is now not only limited to the metro cities, but people from tier-2 and tier-3 cities are also now making a gradual shift. Having a wide network of over 700 sales and service outlets is helping Hero Electric greatly.

Being India’s largest and oldest electric two-wheeler company, this is the best time for the company to expand its business. And Hero Electric is perfectly leveraging the demand and converting them to sales. From the start of the year, Hero Electric has sold over 65,000 electric scooters. And the long term target is to achieve a 1 million sales figure by the year 2025.

The current charging infrastructure consists of 2,000 charging stations, and the company aims to expand this to 20,000 stations. The charging infrastructure is still very slim, but the situation is getting better with the demand for electric vehicles. Many other electric vehicle companies are also setting up their charging infrastructure, which will collectively expand the e-mobility infrastructure in the country.

Electric Is The Future

The rise in fuel prices is the major concern of commuters these days. And this has pushed the public to look for alternative mobility solutions, of which electricity seems the most logical choice. Moreover, the central government, along with various state governments, have also launched their EV-centric policies. The advantages concerned with EVs hugely outweigh their flaws. Zero tailpipe emissions will benefit significantly to control of the carbon footprint release, especially in the metro cities. Air pollution is a very serious issue to which vehicle pollution is the major contributor. The faster we make a shift to electric mobility, the better it is from an environmental point of view.

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