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Hero Electric offers Best-in-Class 5-year warranty on scooters

Written by Nayak

Hero Electric has announced that it will now offer a 5-year warranty across its lithium-ion range of electric scooters. Hero Electric confirmed that his warranty will include everything of the scooter except the battery and the charger. The electric vehicle company also said that there will be no hidden or extra cost involved and this warranty will be offered to all the customers who wish to buy the lithium battery-powered scooters starting from 1st January 2021 till 31st March 2021. Post this three month period Hero Electric will assess the customer feedback and will decide upon if this warranty should be made available as a standard offering.

Hero Electric is India’s largest electric two-wheeler company and they have been instrumental in bringing up affordable and innovative electric two-wheelers for the Indian audience. With the growing level of pollution in the recent years of which the internal combustion engines powered vehicles are a major contributor, these electric vehicles are a great alternative to the fossil-fuel-powered engines as they offer zero-emission which help in creating clean and green mobility and thus lowering the carbon footprint. Hero Electric has been constantly updating its product lineup since the past 12 years to keep its product relevant in the current time amidst the growing number of other electric companies in India. This 5-year warranty will help in attracting more customers in owning an electric vehicle.

Hero Electric is fully focussed to offer the best customer satisfaction with a total of 610 sales and service touchpoints across the country. The company is currently providing more than 10 models in its portfolio to cater to various segments of customers. The manufacturing facility is located in Ludhiana and as of now, there are a total of 3 lakh electric two-wheelers under the brand name of Hero Electric. The electric vehicle company has also been involved in various partnerships with other third-party companies, like the recent partnership with Earth Ride which is aimed towards leasing electric vehicles for the youth to help them do various jobs in the delivery sector and earn a living.