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Hero Electric & Earth Ride offer 1,000 electric scooters under Lease & Earn initiative

Written by Nayak

Hero Electric and Earth Ride, a Delhi-based startup have announced the commencement of their new partnership. This partnership will enable the start-up to procure e-bikes from Hero Electric and lease them to the youth of the country. This model will help the young generation who are looking for a job but can not afford a two-wheeler. Through this model, the youth can own an e-bike without actually paying for it. These e-bikes can be used as last-mile delivery partners and with the rising number of delivery companies, this field is creating an enormous amount of jobs.

As per the contract, Earth Ride is procuring around 1,000 customised Nyx-HX and other e-scooters on a long-term basis. This partnership will also send a positive message about environmental protection as electric vehicles do not emit any harmful gas and thus help in controlling the carbon footprint in the country. Currently, India is the world’s youngest country with 230 million youth in the age bracket of 15-25 who can leverage this offering from Earth-Ride and help earn a living. With the pandemic still being very much relevant in today’s time, most of the companies are opting for door-to-door services and these e-bikes from Hero Electric can prove to be a very efficient commuter. Earth-Rider also confirmed that if the rider pays all their lease payments as per the schedule mentioned in the contract, this will entitle the rider to own the e-bike permanently.

The best part about this partnership is that the rider need not pay a huge amount of money to avail this offer and can start off by paying a small monthly lease amount. In fact, the insurance and all other formalities will also be taken care of by Earth Ride, further decreasing the burden from the riders. Hero Electric will look to provide a 360-degree mobility solution through its 500+ dealer network and the inclusion of a dedicated relationship manager will ensure the uptime remains above 90%. Hero Electric is playing a major role in the 2-wheeler electric vehicle market by providing more than 10 models in its portfolio and is constantly updating its products like the recent launch of Nyx-HX hence, keeping up with the other electric vehicle companies.