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Helmet makers oppose Challans for Bluetooth Usage by Bangalore Police

Written by Akhil Dalvi

The recent announcement by the Bangalore police states that the use of headphones and Bluetooth devices while driving or riding is prohibited. Opposing the decision, the two-wheelers Helmet Manufacturers Associations showcased its support for the technology used while driving. Bluetooth technology has been permitted for use while driving worldwide, as per the Association during the modern age. The current scenario also sees four-wheelers and two-wheelers provide Bluetooth due to change in technology and convenience.

Bluetooth Technology Practical for Motorcycle Use

Commenting on the announcement, Mr Rajeev Kapur, President of, Two Wheelers Helmet Manufacturers Association, said, “India is not the only country to adopt it.” Advanced countries like the USA have already adopted the technology. As the people of today drive any type of vehicle with the aid of GPS, the reasoning for Bluetooth usage becomes logical and straightforward. GPS maps in cars provide ease of comfort while driving offers no hindrance and aids in reaching the correct destination. Bluetooth accessories can’t be accurately restricted or concluded to be used towards making or receiving phone calls. For a rider to prioritize navigation, Bluetooth accessories can be synced and used alongside the mobile phone’s GPS.

Uses of Bluetooth Devices

Mr Kashish Kapur, Director, Steelbird Hi-Tech India Limited, added, Bluetooth devices are versatile products and are used in various applications. These include navigation, industrial activities, construction activities, etc. Furthermore, the rider has to depend on his directional knowledge or ask passersby for more information without these devices. The rider also risks himself and others whilst being constrained to earphones or gazing at the phone during navigation. These distractions often lead to a higher chance for the rider to meet with accidents, often fatal. Negating the need for conventional navigation methods, ‘hands-free’ or ‘Bluetooth accessories’ for the helmet act as safer options for the rider.

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