Helmet Design Revolution? Vozz ‘Strapless’ Helmet

Helmet Design Revolution? Vozz 'Strapless' Helmet
Written by Tejen Dhankhar

What’s the first step while wearing a helmet? Well, we all ensure to tighten the strap hard enough to make it safe and secure to ride further. But Australian helmet manufacturer Vozz, thinks differently. In fact, they have managed a way to revolutionize the helmet design by completely shaving the need of chin strap.

The way they have achieved this is very unique. This new helmet has access from rear which has a hing top that opens through a push button present on the lid. Pushing these buttons will lead to the swinging of helmet from rear, hence opening up the for riders head.

The concept of this helmet (Vozz RS 1.0) was showcased a decade back. The splitting of helmet completely into two parts is the most distinctive feature. With positives such as wide opening that lead the rider to fit in completely and more safely, also, the chin area is completely covered up for disallowing the air to enter inside the helmet. Also, the area within to maneuver head is sufficient enough and helmet can easily be operated with wearing gloves and even spectacles.

RS 1.0 is also DOT and ECE approved and is certified to be used in New Zealand & Australia.

The price of this new ‘revolutionary’ helmet is $888 (60,000 INR) and will be available online from 23rd December. We hope to get some good response for such new ideas.