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Harley-Davidson’s Arrow platform revealed for future EVs

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Harley-Davidson recently announced the brand’s partnership with the Taiwanese brand Kymco. Under the new partnership, Harley-Davidson Live Wire and Kymco will undertake future EV projects. In an investor presentation for LiveWire, several details of Harley-Davidson’s electric intentions were revealed. One key piece of information about the brand is the new modular platform is the Arrow.

Arrow Platform

According to sources, the brand started the work back in 2017, working on a scalable platform in multiple formats. The new platform is built around the battery pack which also serves as a monocoque. The steering head mounts to the front of the battery pack while the swingarm and rear monoshock mount to the back. This modular layout also allows the brand to adopt different steering geometries. The brand also reveals that the layout is already put to use in the LiveWire electric motorcycle.

Arrow Platform Power Units

The Arrow platform is likely to support 50V to over 400V battery applications. The power unit will also be able to use a choice of air, liquid or refrigerant cooling. The brand is also likely to offer efficient thermodynamic options for motor and power electronics. However, no further details of the new platform were shared.

Harley-Davidson Multiple Electric Vehicles

Harley-Davidson also revealed that the brand is working on multiple vehicle architectures – S2, S3 and S4. The S2 motorcycle platform focuses on middle-weight machines while the S3 platform will be for smaller capacity machines built in partnership with Kymco. The S4 platform will also be used large capacity machines. Talking about the launch timeline, Livewire revealed that after the launch of the S2 Del Mar the brand will introduce the S3 entry-level motorcycles. Also, Harley-Davidson will introduce the S4 models to replace the current-gen LiveWire which is currently available for sale in the international market.

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