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Harley-Davidson plans to go FULL ELECTRIC

Written by Kanad Kalasur

According to a media report, iconic bike maker Harley-Davidson plans to go all electric only. Jochen Zeitz, CEO of the company has told the media that in the long term, they plan to transition to an electric-only model line-up. 

What will an all-electric Harley Davidson line-up look like?

When one talks about Harley-Davidson bikes, the first thing that pops up in our heads is a big cruiser with a large-capacity V-twin engine, leather seats and large handlebars. That said, in recent times the company has diversified into brands like the Nigster, Sportster S and Pan America 1250. That said, the typical large V-twin cruisers are the signature bikes of the brand. 

While Zeitz has confirmed the long-term future, the Milwaukee-based bike maker’s V-twins will continue to coexist with electric offering atleast for the near future. The all-electric line-up is a few decades away at the minimum if not later. 

Current Harley-Davidson electric bikes

The electric bikes at present are sold under the LiveWire sun-brand. Harley sells the One while the S3 Del Mar is expected to go on sale shortly. Future expansion of the LiveWire brand will include the likes of the S3 range of bikes, lightweight e-bikes (Co-developed with KYMCO) and more. Also under planning is the S4 range. Bikes in this will mimic the larger Harley cruisers that made Harley popular. 

Hero-Harley tie-up

In other news American bike maker Harley-Davidson and India’s Hero MotoCorp have partnered to develop a range of premium motorcycles. It is now reported that the first bike from this partnership could see the light of the day by March

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