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Greta Electric Scooters to have 50+ touch points by FY22

Written by Akhil Dalvi

The wholly-owned subsidiary of Raj Electromotives Pvt. Ltd. Greta Electric Scooter has announced its expansion plans to include 50+ touchpoints. The electric OEM aims to include dealerships, experience centers, and studios for its customer base by FY22. Greta Electric aims to reach every part of India, which even includes the most remote regions, to strengthen its network.

For stage 1 of its plans, the EV manufacturer intends to reach cities where individuals use self-owned two-wheelers for commuting. According to their plan of targeting cities where public transportation is scarce, Greta opened a showroom in Leh, Ladakh. The EV OEM has also planned to expand its presence across key tier-II cities with 50+ touchpoints in FY22.

Current and Future Dealership Plans 

Greta Electric recently conducted an experiment in the city of Ahmedabad to highlight the need for education among consumers. This comes in regard to the information about EVs and how they are more advantageous when compared to ICE vehicles. Greta has planned to expand its experience centres in Ahmedabad in order to increase awareness with regard to EVs.

Greta Electric has stated that these dealerships/experience centres will feature a trained staff to provide first-hand experience of its products. They will also aid in educating the potential customers about the benefits of EVs and address any doubts or concerns. The brand has stated that it will provide training to its dealership salespeople with regard to EV technology.

By doing this, prospective customers can better understand the product via the provided information and address their own queries. Greta Electric has also initiated a process whereby it intends to capture queries across touchpoints to ensure a consistent response. This will allow the dealership staff to provide answers to questions which they failed to address at the time.

Products on Offer 

Via these dealerships/experience centres and studios, Greta Electric will ensure to stock and sell its current e-scooters on offer. The company claims that its e-scooters provide the best-in-class comfort, superior performance, and a driving range of 100 Km per charge. Greta offers 4 e-scooters for the Indian market- Harper, Evespa, Glide, and Harper ZX, which showcase a host of features. These include an LED DRL, EBS, reverse mode, ATA System, smart shift, Digital instrument cluster, anti-theft alarm, and keyless start.

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