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GoZero Mobility revealed 3 new eBikes

Written by Nayak

GoZero on Saturday, made a mark at the “GREAT future showcase” organized by the Department of International Trade, United Kingdom, showcasing its three upcoming electrics alongside HMS Defender. These three electric bikes are likely to hit the showrooms in India and the UK later this year.

This event was a part of the UK’s Great Future Showcase that symbolizes both the country’s effort towards cleaner mobility options. GoZero is based out of Birmingham and has a manufacturing facility in India. Currently, the company has its presence in over 60 cities with over 180+ dealership points. The company represents itself as a provider of an affordable, healthy and clean mode of transportation with its e-bikes offerings.

Concept Of E-Bikes In India

With the growing demand for electric vehicles in the country, GoZero’s e-bike perfectly fits the jigsaw puzzle. The demand for private two-wheelers is rising, as people are not favouring public transport due to the Covid-19 pandemic. More often than not, people use their private two-wheelers for intracity commuting and daily errands. And this is where GoZero’s e-bikes come into the picture.

E-bikes offer the best of both worlds. These vehicles are battery powered, hence emission-free, and at the same time, they also have pedals with gears to eliminate the range anxiety. GoZero’s e-bikes come with a removable battery that can easily be carried and charged at home or office. Since the pandemic, cycling has become quite popular as people are getting more health-conscious. And these e-bikes do fulfil this requirement as well.

Current Offering

GoZero has four products to choose from – Skellig Pro, Skellig and Skellig Lite, and One. The prices start at INR 19,999 for the Skellig Lite and go all the way up to INR 39,999 for the Skellig Pro. Customers wanting to buy one can get these at leading offline and online stores across the country.

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