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Government wants information of vehicles sold

Government wants information of vehicles sold
Written by Parichay Malvankar

The government has asked all automobile manufacturers to upload specifications of all the vehicles they sell. This specification data should be uploaded on a web portal starting from this October. This decision has been made in order to create a digital database of vehicles and smoothen the registration process.

This year, manufacturers can voluntarily populate the vehicle data, however, from next October, the government will not allow a vehicle to be registered anywhere in India if the specifications are not to be found in the database. Data such as engine number, chassis number, engine capacity, body colour, fuel type etc. needs to be submitted. This would allow officials to cross check while registering a vehicle.

All details have been shared on Form 20 on a portal of the National Informatics Centre. All companies manufacturing two-wheelers, four-wheelers, trucks, tractors, construction equipment etc. will need to upload the specification data. In case of technical flaws, this data should also help manufacturers recall a particular vehicle.

Automobile manufacturers have welcomed this move and are willing to share the data which they have ready for populating. This should also help verification while buying a used vehicle.

Source – ET Auto