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Government has revised the speed limits

Government has revised the speed limits

The government has officially announced that cars can now attain a maximum speed of 100 kmph while two wheelers can attain a maximum speed of 80 kmph on the Indian roads.

These speed limit revisions have been made after two decades, and previously there was no speed limit fixed on a national level. The previously set speed limits were decided by the local police and authorities. The new speed limits are not applicable on all roads though; the state police and local authorities will make a call to notify speed limits on municipal and local roads considering road safety.

Vehicles used to carry nine or more passengers will be allowed to play at speeds up to 80 kmph while those carrying not more than eight passengers can run at a maximum speed of 100 kmph. Good vehicles will now be allowed to run at 80 kmph. The recently added category of quadricycles will be allowed to run up to 70 kmph.

Although speed limits have been revised, we urge motorists to drive at a well-controlled speed considering crowded or residential areas.