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Government: Bring down number of diesel cars

Government: Bring down number of diesel cars
Written by Parichay Malvankar

The pollution problem in Delhi is worsening and the government is exploring all possible options to make the capital city a bit cleaner and greener. While some options might work well without too much of a fuss, some might actually trouble car owners.

The government now plans to revise the taxation structure to create a ‘clean fuel fund’ which will help in the introduction of clean diesel via the Euro 5 norms. Particulate emissions out of a diesel cars tailpipe are much higher than that of a petrol vehicle. Hence, the plan is to tax diesel powered cars and diesel a bit more to reduce the number of ever increasing diesel vehicles.

The government is looking closely at the possibility of taxing vehicles based on the emissions. Congestion charges as seen in London could also be an option to discourage use of personal vehicles all the time.

Will car manufacturers be happy with these decisions?

Source – ET Auto