Google patents ‘sticky bonnet’ solution for its driverless cars

Written by Dev Jaising

Driverless cars (Automated Driving Technology) is been talked about a lot lately. Almost every top manufacturer is working on this technology to make driving more of a convenience than a task. However, without human intervention, the safety of other commuters and especially pedestrians is at risk if the technology fails. For this, Google just applied for a new patent. The patent is for a semi-collapsing front end of a car which is covered in a super sticky glue.

This super sticky glue will prevent pedestrians, wildlife, cyclists or motorcyclists from coming under the wheels in case of a collision. This solution is to prevent the 3rd party from bouncing off or coming under the wheels in case of a collision. Google aims to stick pedestrians to the cars bonnet of they are hit. An eggshell like coating will be over the bonnet which will crack on impact and release a powerful adhesive.

That being said, sticky bonnets sounds really funny! We’d have to wait and watch what Google has in store for us. The patent is far from turning into reality and being applied on cars on the road, but is just another showcase that the brand is taking safety seriously.