Google Maps ‘Stay Safer’ features alerts if driver deviates from route

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Google Maps, which nowadays is an integral part of many road users has introduced a new update called ‘Stay Safer’. This new feature is only available in India at the moment and when activated, it alerts the user traveling by public transport (Auto Rickshaws, Taxi, etc.) if their driver strays more than half a km (500 metres) from the suggested route on Google Maps.

‘Stay Safer’ feature is available on Android phones and sends a notification on the phone and the user can see where they are as compared to the original route suggested by Google Maps. By using the Stay Safer feature users can be alerted of any kind of mischief and quickly react by calling the Cops or near and dear ones. This feature will benefit especially those who travel during wee hours and are often discouraged due to safety-related concerns. The new update also has a live speedometer through which you can monitor if your driver is over speeding.

To Activate this feature on Google Maps, users will have to follow these 4 easy steps on their Android Phones:-

  1. Tap the ‘Commute’ option on Google Maps found on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the Navigate button on the right-hand side of the Map
  3. Tap on the Stay Safer option 
  4. Tap on Get Off-Route Alerts

Users can also share their location with their friends until they arrive at their destination. The option to share location is found under the same Stay Safer tab. The Stay Safer feature is exclusive for India, as of now and if other countries will get the update remains to be seen.

Google has also launched new public transport features such as live train status and mixed commute suggestions which can combine railways and bus with other modes such as auto rickshaw to reach the destination. The public transport feature also includes bus travel times with live traffic in 10 major cities in India.