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Google Assistant, Google Play Store & Google Maps in new Volvo cars

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Volvo has announced that their next generation cars will have Google work jointly in a bit to embed Google Assistant, Google Play Store & Google Maps into their infotainment system. The new generation Sensus infotainment system will be based on Google’s Android operating system.

This new initiative between Google & Volvo will allow customers to further interact with their vehicles. This will allow jointly developed apps by Google and Volvo to be preinstalled, while thousands of other apps available on the Android platform would also be of use to the end user. With the Sensus infotainment system using Android, it will get new apps, software updates in real time. This will ensure Volvo can keep customers up-to-date with the new technology they bring forward.

The Google Assistant will also make use of in-car functions with the voice interface. Air conditioning, music playback, phone calls, messages and other such services could be used seamlessly with this initiative. This will overall reduce driver distraction, and help him / her focus more on the road.

Google Maps will allow the Sensus system to show real-time traffic data and suggest alternative routes.

The first Android based Sensus system is still a couple of years away from launch.