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Goodyear develops new tyre with 70% sustainable material

Written by Akhil Dalvi

American tyre and Rubber manufacturer, Goodyear has announced that it has developed a demonstration tyre with 70% sustainable-material content. Goodyear states that it has used industry-leading innovation to create the tyre and set a goal for itself in 2020. According to the company, its team will produce a tyre with 100% sustainable-material content within the next 10 years.

Goodyear also stated that the 70% sustainable-material demonstration tyre uses 13 featured ingredients across 9 different tyre components. Goodyear’s performance indicators for the tyre confirmed that the properties of the used components delivered a strong overall tyre performance. The company showcased its excitement while announcing the new tyre and stated its commitment towards producing future-proof sustainable tyres.

Goodyear 70% sustainable tyre: DetailsĀ 

The tyre and rubber manufacturer has utilized Carbon Black as its first component for compound reinforcement and tyre life increase. Previously, manufacturers used to utilize and create Carbon Black for the tyres by burning various types of petroleum products. The new demonstration tyre uses three different carbon blacks, which Goodyear produced from methane, carbon dioxide, and plant-based oil. Based on initial life cycle assessments, this Carbon Black reduces carbon emissions in comparison to bio-based or waste feedstock sources.

The next ingredient within the tyre is soybean oil which Goodyear has utilized to maintain the rubber compounds’ pliability. Tests showcase that the pliability of the tyre remains constant even during changing temperatures whilst using soybean oil. Goodyear states it has reduced its use of petroleum-based products for tyres as soybean oil is a bio-based resource. Typically, Goodyear utilizes surplus soybean oil for industrial applications after food/animal feeding companies use 100% of the soy protein.

Goodyear then used Silica as an ingredient for the tyres as it helps improve grip and reduce fuel consumption. Goodyear’s new demonstration tyres contain a unique variety of Silica produced from rice husk ash, a byproduct of rice processing. The company has created high-quality Silica by utilizing discarded waste ash in landfills from the aforementioned rice processing. Goodyear has then utilized technical grade polyester for the new tyre, made from recycled plastic bottles and other plastic waste.

Other News

During the final week of December 2021, Goodyear announced its all-new ElectricDrive GT tyres for EVs in the USA. Aimed specifically at the North American market, the new ElectricDrive GT tyre aims to fulfil specific EV requirements. These include load, torque, noise, range, rolling resistance, and overall performance of the EV via which customers protect the environment.

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