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Good Bye Nissan GT-R R35!

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It’s a rare sight to see a car model age long enough to earn its own driving license, but after an impressive 17 years (15 in the U.S.), Nissan is finally bidding adieu to its legendary R35-generation GT-R. Known for its formidable power and advanced technology, this iconic sports car has left a lasting legacy among automotive enthusiasts around the globe.

The Final Good Bye!

Nissan’s send-off for the R35 GT-R is marked by two exclusive editions: the T-Spec Takumi Edition and the Skyline Edition. These limited-run models are priced at ₹1.25 crore and ₹1.08 crore, respectively (including a ₹1.55 lakh destination charge). A mere 200 units are expected to grace American shores.

Set to hit Nissan dealerships this summer, these special editions are the ultimate swan song for the R35 generation. While Nissan remains tight-lipped about a next-generation GT-R, fans across the globe are fervently hoping for a worthy successor. Regardless of what the future holds, the R35’s impact on the motoring world is undeniable.

A Revolutionary Legacy

The R35 GT-R was a game-changer when it hit the streets. Its dual-clutch automatic transmission, advanced all-wheel-drive system, and robust turbocharged engine set new benchmarks in the sports car arena. For American enthusiasts, the R35 GT-R transformed from a distant dream into an attainable reality, enjoying a remarkable run.

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Though the GT-R’s price eventually climbed to match its high-performance competitors, and its Nürburgring lap records were eclipsed by newer, faster cars, the blend of cutting-edge technology and raw power continued to enthrall drivers and fans alike.

As we bid farewell to the R35 GT-R, it’s a moment of reflection on its extraordinary journey. Whether or not a new GT-R graces us in the future, this legendary sports car has earned an indelible place in automotive history.

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