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Giving a ‘LIFT’ is illegal, car owner fined INR 1,500

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Among other news, seems like giving a lift to unknown people is an offense. A car owner in Mumbai was fined INR 1,500 for giving lift to an unknown person.

Mr. Nitin Nair has revealed, that on 18th June, he offered a ride to a few who were looking for a lift. Due to heavy rains, Mr. Nitin agreed to drop them off as the lift seekers wanted to be dropped off on the same route as Nitin. Also, one of them was an elderly person and Nitin thought it makes sense so help them.

This incident, of being fined for giving a lift happened at the Airoli circle junction. As soon as the passengers got in, a traffic cop pulled the car over and informed that giving lift to unknown people is illegal. The license was confiscated and Nitin was charged a penalty of INR 1,500.

Nitin was charged under Section 66/192. This states that giving lift to unknown people is illegal in a private vehicle. Nitin had to be present at the court to get his license back. But the license was to be collected back from the police station.

But, Nitin wasn’t asking the passengers to pay for the ride. It is illegal to use a white plate car to offer lift / ride to passengers and collect money.

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