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Get a Renault Kwid from Zoomcar for INR 14,999 / Month

Written by Parichay Malvankar

We all know that Zoomcar is very popular in the car rental space. Now, Renault has joined hands with Zoomcar to offer the Kwid on a monthly subscription program. Users can get the Renault Kwid for a 1 month tenure by paying INR 14,999 from Zoomcar. The rental platfrom is planning to add more than 1,000 Renault cars to their fleet by 2020.

Zoomcar has 15 million customers opting for short-term car rentals. With this addition, people can have their favourite small Renault with them for longer, without having to consider a full ownership. Apart from the Kwid, Zoomcar also has a total of 25 other car models on their rental & subscription platform in India.

With the car industry slowing down in the sales department, it has to be noted that many new customers are open to short term leasing and such car rental schemes without having to go through a full ownership. Car users want hassle-free ownership and limited liability, and that is where such monthly subscription like Zoomcar comes into play.

Zoomcar had also announced the Volkswagen Polo for shared subscription earlier, and it was sold out within 48-hours.