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FY21 was Lamborghini’s best year ever for sales

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

2021 was Lamborghini’s best year to date in terms of sales, profitability and turnover. The Italian carmaker posted its best-ever commercials and financials in its history. The total turnover figure posted by the company is an all-time high of 1.95 billion euros. Furthermore, this figure is also 19 per cent more than what it was in 2020. In terms of sales, Lamborghini posted a total sales of 8,405 units globally which is an increase of 13 per cent. The operating margin has now more than doubled when compared to 2018 figures, with the profitability level reaching 20.2 per cent. This overwhelming sales growth resulted in a total profit of 393 million euros. When compared to the 2020 figure, this is a staggering 49 per cent increase.

Sales Figure In Detail

Having sold 8,405 cars across the country, Lamborghini witnessed double-digit sales growth in every region. This includes America with 14 per cent, the Asia Pacific with 14 per cent and Europe, the Middle East and Africa with 12 per cent. All three regions contributed 34 per cent, 27 per cent and 39 per cent of the global volume.

In terms of sales in individual countries, the USA reported a total sales of 2,472 units. Second on the list is China with 935 units, followed by Germany in the third position with 706 units and then the United Kingdom with 564 units. In this home market, i.e. Lamborghini Italy posted a total sales of 359 units. In terms of models, Urus was the top favourite, with a total of 5,021 units delivered. The second and third are Huracan and Aventador with a total sales of 2,586 units and 798 units respectively.

Plans For The Future

Lamborghini has mentioned that they are looking at both the Urus and Huracan to conclude their internal combustion engine age. And in the coming months, Lamborghini will introduce the hybrid trims for each. For Aventador as well, Lamborghini has plans for hybridization, with its replacement arriving sometime in 2023.

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