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Fully electric new MINI 3-door testing on snow and ice

Written by Nayak

BMW has released fresh footage of its upcoming fifth-generation Mini 3-door. The landscape this time is the Arctic Circle, where the hatchback is currently undergoing its driving dynamics tests. BMW Group’s winter test centre in Arjeplog, Sweden, has taken the responsibility for all the tests. Being all-electric, BMW is testing the parts and equipment to their extreme conditions.

Important parts like the electric drivetrain, high-voltage battery, power electronics and charging technology of the prototypes are already demonstrating their high degree of maturity at extreme temperatures below freezing. Furthermore, snow-covered roads and specially prepared areas on frozen lakes serve as ideal test tracks for driving dynamics. This setup tracks the steering and chassis response very minutely.

What Do We expect From a Mini 3-Door Electric?

Being a fully electric model, Mini will still stay true to its core DNA, which is full drive and agility. Furthermore, Mini having a small footprint will again showcase the creative use of space, thus guaranteeing plenty of room inside. Mini represents the brand’s progress to shift toward electric mobility. The brand has been quite popular amongst car enthusiasts who are looking for a high-performance fun to drive hatch. With the shift to EV, the implementation becomes even more puristic and sustainable. Furthermore, this shift also allows the designer to involve more innovation in the car and make it even better.

Testing In Full Flow

The winter test centre in Arjeplog sets the perfect place to fine-tune the car. This includes spontaneous power development of the electric motor, the control systems for optimising traction, and the cornering behaviour. Moreover, the suspension and damping characteristics, as well as the character of the steering and braking system, are being tested to their limits. With all the tests and development in place, the production-spec model is set to become the epitome of driving comfort. In addition to this, Mini will also have a mature degree of balance, thus ensuring the hallmark MINI balance of go-kart feeling.

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