Full-face helmets VS. Half-face helmets

Full-face helmets VS. Half-face helmets
Written by Paarth Powale

No doubt helmets are necessary for safety while riding a motorcycle, but do all helmets meet provide the same safety standard? Well lets find out…

Now for a common person, they’d think that a full-face and a half-face helmet would provide the same safety, but that’s a misconception.

This Icon Airfame Statistic helmet gives information about the crash prone zones for your head during a motorcycle accident. These numbers are based on multiple research activities and are quite interesting to make one understand the importance of a helmet.

Crash impact chances

Crash impact zones

Now we clearly see the highest impact zone is on the chin area, mounting to a good 34.6% (combining both sides). Now consider you were wearing a half-faced helmet without a visor. In a crash situation, you would be prone to over 66% of damage, to your chin, forehead, etc. Now that’s not ideal is it?

The figures themselves explain why one should always opt for a full face helmet. Cause god forbid if you do meet with a crash tomorrow, let the helmet do the scraping, not your face.

Also, buying a good quality full-face helmet is of utmost importance. Many buy substandard, roadside helmets which are not really crash tested. These helmets can actually pose more threat as during a crash, the body of these helmets might actually crack open and hurt you more than the impact of the fall.

So, always, ride safe, ride smart & wear a HELMET!