Formula E shifting focus to hydrogen power?

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Ahead of the 2022 season, Formula E revealed the teaser image of the Gen3 design that draws inspiration from the Delta wing. Reports suggest that the complete design and specifications have been shown in secretive conditions to manufacturers and team bosses. The new Gen3 design is based on the “aero-efficient delta wing of a fighter jet”. Also, the Spark Racing Technology-built car retains a sense of individuality similar to that of the X-wing Gen2 design.

Gen3 and Gen3 EVO Will Take Effect in 2022-2023

Furthermore, reports suggest that the Gen3 design will come with a 470 Bhp motor and a regenerative capacity of 600 kW of energy through braking. While private testing from the car constructor Spark Racing Technology is on its way, teams are likely to get the delivery of the Gen3 cars in spring. A new rule set will also take effect from 2022-2023, followed by a facelift car and updated technology. Along with this Gen3, EVO rules will also come into effect. 

Gen4 Technology, Expenditure Cap and Rules Under Discussion

Now a media report suggests that championship co-founder Alejandro Agag has revealed that Gen4 regulations are already under consideration. According to sources, new manufacturers will be invited to “Brainstorm” their concepts for the future. However, the Gen4 regulations are still five years away, revealed Agag. Alejandro Agag reveals that, in Gen4, “There, everything is open. Anything could happen.”

The open approach means Formula E could be considering adopting hydrogen fuel technology. The cars are likely to use Hydrogen Fuel Cells to generate electricity. However, there is a catch, Formula E will be imposing a cost cap of EUR 25 Million, which will come into effect from October 2022 and last for at least two seasons. 

Hydrogen-Powered Racing Cars

Alejandro Agag reveals that as soon as Hydrogen technology becomes widely used and comes to operating racing levels, Formula E could adopt the technology for use in the single-seater racers. Extreme E is already using hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for the nine Odyssey 21 E-SUVs. Mercedes-Benz’ technical partner HWA RACELAB also announced a new series – HYRAZE League concept, which will have 800 Bhp race cars in 2023. 

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