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Ford Ranger Chassis Cab launched as new base model for the pick-up truck

Written by Nayak

Ford Ranger is not only a hit product in Europe, but also, it is selling in high volumes across the globe especially, in the United States of America. The trend in the buying style of the audience in the US market is that they prefer personalized Rangers rather than the stock ones. The Thailand version of Ranger recently got a facelift earlier this month. Ford launched the Ranger chassis cab which will be used in the specialist industrial sector like military, utilities, forestry, construction, rescue operators and alike.

The mechanical specifications are the same as the other Rangers offered by Ford. It has a body-on-frame structure and uses a sturdy all-wheel drive powered by an EcoBlue diesel motor. The Ranger will be on sale from January 2021 and will be powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine making 170 HP of power and 410 Nm of torque. The gearbox option is a 6-speed manual transmission and a selectable four-wheel-drive system. With an additional cost, you can have all-terrain tyres with a tread pattern for off-road conditions and an electronically locked rear differential.

If you need to modify Ranger chassis cab to your personal needs, the Blue Oval company oversees this and appoints different specialists as and when required. The standard modifications include adding a trailer tow electrical connector, an interface to link vehicle signals with conversions and high-performance batteries for increased electrical loads. The towing capacity of the truck is 3500 kilograms (7,716 pounds). There are over 160 QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifier) converters in Ford’s network spread across the continent in 13 markets so that customers can tune and modify their cars according to their wish and preferences.

The conversions manager at Ford’s commercial vehicle division in Europe was quite positive about Ford Ranger and said that the Ranger chassis cab is for the customers who work in challenging work environments and need a capable off-road vehicle for carrying their usage specific equipment.