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Ford issues recall for Figo, Aspire, Freestyle and Endeavour

Parichay Malvankar
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Ford has issued a recall for the Figo, Aspire, Freestyle and Endeavour in the Indian market. Apart from the EcoSport compact-SUV, almost every car which the brand manufactures here in our market seems to have some fault. The Endeavour SUV has a specific problem while the Figo, Aspire and Freestyle have a different issue altogether.

Ford has revealed that a total of 22,690 units of the Endeavour SUV are subject to this recall. All Endeavour units built at the Ford Chennai plant starting from February 2004 till September 2014 are going to be inspected. The problem persists with the airbag inflator module on this SUV. Talking about airbag issues, yes, the component is sourced by Takata which has been in recall news for many other brands.

On the Freestyle, Figo and Aspire, the issue is with the wiring harness inside the car. Ford will be inspecting the Battery Monitoring System (BMS) wiring harness on all these cars. All units of these mentioned cars built at the brands Sanand plant between September 2017 till April 2019 are subject to this recall. The total number of cars affected has not been revealed, but this will be a huge figure as all these are mass market cars. The problem exists because the wiring harness has been routed very closesly to the positive terminal of the cars battery, and this could cause damage by melting or even result in a short circuit due to heat from the engine.

Customers whose cars are affected will be contacted by the dealerships or can also check on the brands website making use of the vehicle VIN number. It is advised that customers get their cars checked at the earliest, to avoid any kind of damage or potential threat to life.