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Force Traveller Smart Citibus added to B.E.S.T. fleet in Mumbai

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Mumbai city is making it difficult to commute with each passing day. In this congested financial hub of India, Force Motors have now managed to get their Traveller Smart Citibus inducted in the B.E.S.T. bus service fleet. These relatively small in size buses are expected to offer better last mile connectivity to commuters in the mega city. Force Motors has bagged an order of 500 Traveller Smart Citibus for B.E.S.T.

First 5 units of these Traveller Smart Citibus were rolled out in Mumbai already. This bus is a 21-seater + 7-standing capacity commuter model with full air-conditioning. With AC on offer, this bus service could really pick up pace and acceptance by commuters in the hot and humid Mumbai city. The primary reason for having included these buses is since the existing large buses are having very low occupancy, resulting in operational loses on certain routes. These smaller Traveller Smart Citibus units will ply on these low occupancy routes as well, to still offer commuters a cheaper travel alternative than cabs and autorickshaws. The Force Traveller Smart Citibus is also expected to offer better connectivity around Metro station areas.

The Force Traveller has been a popular choice in the mini-bus segment for over 3 decades. The brand manages to be the top brand in the 9-25 seater bus category, with the operators having full faith in service and reliability. Force Motors so far has put the Traveller range for use across school bus, staff bus, ambulances & tour operator segments.

The Force Traveller Smart Citibus is built around a monocoque chassis and has a powertrain under the hood which is a derivative from Mercedes. The vehicle is lower in weight because of monocoque construction not needing an additional chassis ladder. Also, this reduces noise, vibrations and harshness along with offering better ride quality and structural strength. The Force Traveller Smart Citibus is made of pressed steel put together using a robotic production line. With good reliability from the engine, and good fuel efficiency; there is no doubt why B.E.S.T. decided to induct these buses in their fleet. Also, the Traveller Smart Citibus will offer class leading power-to-weight ratio in the segment and across the B.E.S.T. fleet.