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Force Motors supplies 1,000 new ambulances to strengthen Health Care Infrastructure

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Pune-based automobile manufacturing company Force Motors has commissioned 1000 New Traveller Ambulances in view of the new wave of cases foreseen with the easing of the lockdown. Force Motors is one of the few automobile manufacturers that possess the capability to manufacture and supply a full range of ambulances, in-house, ready to use from day one and comply with all the provisions required by the National Ambulance Code. 

Force Motors produces three major types of Ambulance – Type B, Type C and Type D. Type B is the basic ambulance that is used for the transport of patients and such patients who do not require treatment during their transit to the hospital. Type C or Basic Life Support Ambulance consists of basic monitoring equipment for patients who require monitoring while in transit and may require non-invasive airway management. Type D is the Advanced Life Support Ambulance equipped with critical life-saving equipment like a defibrillator, transport ventilator, BP Apparatus, scoop stretcher, spine board etc., and can treat critical patients requiring intensive monitoring and invasive airway management during their transit to the hospital. 

Force Motors has supplied over one thousand ambulances including 130 advanced life support ambulances, 282 basic life support ambulances and over 656 mobile medical units to the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh improving reach, reducing response time and upgrading the medical infrastructure. The Mobile Medical unit supplied to the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh also features COVID screening facilities that can be accessed by citizens by dialling 104. Force Motors ambulance also has the capability to function as primary health centres in remote locations providing consultation and treatment. The state governments and administration departments are planning to have a mix of all types of ambulances to be deployed as per the situation warrants.

Furthermore, Dr Abhay Firodia Group, of which Force Motors is the flagship company, has allocated INR 25 Crores to support COVID-19 relief activities including upgrading health care infrastructure, improving blood collection capability, expediting mobile clinic/testing capabilities that have treated over 10 lakh patients during the lockdown period as well as provided free food to the needy.