For women’s safety, GPS & CCTVs in all Mamma Cabs

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Hyderabad-based on-demand cab service aggregator, Mamma Cabs and Mamma auto has announced that the brand will be providing a first of its kind cab service with CCTV monitoring inside the cabin. The new initiative will highly enhance women and children safety quotient, to which the company says will in the coming days “will win the hearts of the public”. Mamma Cab’s aim is to provide safe, reliable and timely cab & auto service in Telangana and other metro cities in India. 

The cab service was established by Mr Sathya Vikas Empati who hails from a small village called Kotapalli in the southern state. The Hyderabad-based company is developed by Varalaxmikumar Technologies Private Limited. The brand is emphasising on women and children’s safety. The brand plans to install CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) along with GPS tracking as the emerging social needs for women and children safety. The CCTV feed can be beamed to five contacts that can monitor their loved ones when they are taking a trip. The brand will also focus on the safety aspect with Specialized fixed routes such as the metro, schools, corporates, airports, outstation and tourism. The cabs also come with an SOS option in cases of emergency. 

The company also ensures that with the modern technology and pieces of equipment the cab service will also keep itself to its traditional roots and keep the fares affordable. It boasts a minimum fare for the customer with the Sedan cab offered at Base Fare at of INR 16.38 per km, sharing cabs at a Base fare of INR 10.08 per km only and Auto base fare at INR 10.24 per km. The brand also provides passes for metro services, cab sharing and Sedan Pass. The company will also be introducing affordable metro cabs and school cabs services. Mamma Cabs offers a flat 50% discount to the differently-abled, mentally challenged and citizens above the age of 60 years (Senior Citizens), 20% discount for police organisations and 10% to the staff of government hospitals, in the sharing cab. 

According to the rating, no of days and hours of service and several other factors the Mamma Cab And Auto Driver-partners also provided with several benefits like 25kg rice per month – INR 1500 worth ration per month to driver family, girl child education of INR 25,000 per year – INR 5 lakhs worth health insurance coverage for the driver family. Mamma Cabs also deliver food through the cab and deliver the order before the destination of rider.

The brand has also announced that in addition to emphasizing the safety of women and children Mamma Cabs also regularly cleans and maintains their cabs with special focus on hygiene, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic situation.