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Flipkart partners with Meru to deliver Groceries & Essentials amidst COVID-19 outbreak

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Bengaluru based e-commerce marketplace Flipkart and app-based cab-hailing service Meru Cabs have joined hands to safely deliver groceries to citizen abiding social distancing rules by staying home during the lockdown imposed by the Govt. to curb the COVID-19 / CoronaVirus outbreak. 

Flipkart will be using sanitized Meru Cab cars to deliver groceries and essential items to Flipkart customers to the safety of their homes and the doorstep delivery will take place in Delhi NCR, Bengaluru and Hyderabad cities.  The doorstep delivery of grocery and essential items will help support the Govt.’s efforts to contain the virus spread by allowing people to stay inside the safety of their home for a longer period of time, helping in breaking the virus outbreak chain.

Meru will be providing sanitized cabs using Ozone technology at dispatch hubs installed with Ozone Air Purifiers. Additionally, Flipkart will be providing training to Meru driver-partners for a better understanding process for the safe and timely delivery. Meru driver-partners will also be trained to sanitize the cabs using Ozone technology as well as follow hygiene and sanitation protocols such as using alcohol-based sanitisers, gloves, face masks and disposing of the same in a safe manner.

Ozone treatment comprises of releasing O3 (Ozone Gas) inside the cabin which can permeate through seat fabric and can get into far reaches of the vehicle’s cabin. Meru has been using this technology in their cabs and these Ozone gas generators have been installed at designated hubs. Ozone gas works by oxidising the protective outer cell wall of the Virus, through a process called Lysis. Apart from viruses, Ozone is also effective in inactivating various Bacteria, Fungi, Yeast and Protozoa. 

To keep yourself protected against COVID-19 we at recommend that you stay home and avoid going out in public unless it is absolutely necessary. Follow all instructions from local health care authorities, regularly wash hands with soap & water, keep your home sanitised by cleaning frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, refrigerator doors, kitchen tops, table surfaces, light & fan switches, faucets, computer keyboards, remote controls, mobile phones etc.