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Flagship Ducati model – Panigale V4 recalled

Nizam Shaikh
Written by Nizam Shaikh

Ducati has issued a recall on their flagship model, the Panigale V4 in North America. The motorcycles manufactured from 12th September 2017 to 20th May 2019 have been affected by the recall. The recall has affected the model variants – Panigale V4, Panigale V4 S, Panigale V4 R and the Speciale.

The recall on the supersport offering from the Italian manufacturer is regarding the fuel filler cap. As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the fuel pressure generated inside the fuel tank can result in a ‘spray’, when the filler cap is opened by the rider and may cause potential injury or harm to the rider. The case worsens when the motorcycle is operated in hot weather conditions. The scenario can be prevented by opening the fuel cap slowly and if a hissing sound is heard it is advised to wait till the sound goes away, before completely opening the cap.

It has also been reported that 1,880 units have been affected, but the percentage of defect is estimated to be around 1%. It is important to note, that not a single incident of the rider being hurt or the motorcycle itself catching fire, due to this defect has been reported, so far.

Ducati will be addressing the issue by replacing the faulty part at no extra cost to the owner and will also make sure that the future models are updated with the new rectified venting system in the fuel filler cap. The brand will also be issuing an updated manual page with details regarding the issue and in addition to this, the motorcycles will also be affixed with a decal with the relative information, on the tank as a necessary precaution. The owners of the affected motorcycles will be sent notification letters and contacted through established communication mediums as soon as the replacement parts are available with their respective dealerships.

The Indian arm of the motorcycle manufacturer has informed that the recall is not applicable to the Panigale V4 variants that are currently being sold in India.