Electric Vehicles

Fiat will Go Full Electric by 2030

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Fiat plans to become an electric-only brand by the year 2030. Just before World Environment Day 2021, CEO of the Fiat brand and CMO of Stellantis, Olivier François and architect Stefano Boeri conversed about urban forestry projects. The protagonists focused the dialogue on urban mobility and sustainable architecture to make cities healthier and more liveable. The aim is to improve the air quality and, therefore, the quality of life. Fiat draws inspiration from green architectures designed by architect Boeri. The brand also introduced the Fiat 500e, a new electric vehicle, last year, setting the momentum for the green future. 

New Renaissance

During the meet, the two protagonists also talked about the current situation in cities and the increasing social trends. Also under discussion was the necessity to act and the “important opportunity to inspire change.” The brand leaders also analyzed the opportunities for a “New Renaissance” and the burgeoning interest in environmental matters. 

CO2 Absorption

The brand realizes that electric cars alone will not improve the air quality in the cities. No doubt, the new Fiat 500e allows zero-emission mobility and contributes to improving the air quality. But, we need to make the air we breathe healthier and also the cities less polluted. Therefore in combination with green-mobility cars such as the 500e, we also need something that would absorb CO2. 

Cities of the Future

Nothing absorbs CO2 more efficiently and free of cost than plants. Ergo, in addition to Fiat’s electric vehicle, the leaders plan to”design” the cities of the future. The inspiration is architectures such as the Bosco Verticale di Boeri. The vertical forests consist of 27,000 plants with millions of leaves that help absorb CO2 and clean the air. 

Largest Suspended Garden in Europe

Olivier François also commented, “Between 2025 and 2030 our product range will gradually become electric only.” Furthermore, the legendary track on the former Lingotto production plant in Turin, Italy, will be converted into the most extensive suspended garden in Europe. The project will house over 28,000 plants that will help revitalize the city of Turin. 

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