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Festive season benefits on the Datsun Go

Festive season benefits on the Datsun Go
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Even after being in the high volumes entry level hatchback space, the Datsun Go hasn’t managed to sell in significant numbers to keep a brand happy. Sighting festive season sentiments of customers, Datsun has announced a couple of benefits on purchase of the Go.

Customers can now avail benefits up to Rs. 38,000 on the Go hatchback. This offer will be valid till 31st October, 2014. Cash benefits include an exchange bonus of up to Rs. 20,000, insurance discount worth Rs. 4,000 and free extended warranty worth Rs. 4,000. An additional discount of Rs. 10,000 is being offered on D, D1 and A variants of the Go.

Developed specifically for the emerging markets, which predominantly are huge on hatchback sales; Datsun has received a rather lukewarm response from the market. Where the Alto 800 manages to touch the 20,000 units monthly sales number, the Datsun Go averages at about 1,000 units/month.

The Datsun Go is a competent product with a peppy motor for city commuting and arguably more space than its competitors. But with a rather unknown brand name, and poor sales network, the car is seen at the showrooms more than on the road.