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Ferrari reveals 812 Superfast Versione Speciale

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Ferrari has revealed the new special edition 812 Superfast in a few official pictures. The brand has also announced that the ‘Special Version’ 812 Superfast will be unveiled on 5th May 2021. The unveiling will take place on the brand’s social media channels, taking into consideration the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Ferarri is currently calling the new edition 812 Superfast ‘Special Version’. The moniker will be revealed when the car makes its debut on the 5th of May. But speculations are that Ferrari will name the Special Version as 812 Superfast ‘Versione Speciale’ or VS for short.


The Ferrari 812 Superfast Versione Speciale will come with a 6.5-litre 65-degree V12 motor. But unlike the standard 812 Superfast, the Versione Speciale pumps out 830 PS of power. The brand has not revealed the twisting force of the Versione Speciale but it will be more than the standard 718 Nm produced by the 812 Superfast. The brand boasts that this will be the highest output of any Ferrari road-car engine at least in the pure ICE form.

Ferrari will redesign many engine components and employ state-of-the-art materials on the V12. Also, the engine will have a new valve timing mechanism and a new exhaust system. The 812 Superfast Versione Speciale features the front-engined Berlinetta concept and draws inspiration from the thoroughbred sports car DNA. Ferrari will also use the company’s 70 years of race track expertise to deliver form with function.


The 812 Superfast Versione Speciale’s powertrain features vehicle dynamics controls enabling the driver to use the full potential of the engine. Therefore, Ferrari has employed independent steering on all four wheels that offer unparalleled agility and precision when cornering. The brand has also announced that the new model will debut with version 7.0 of the Side Slip Control vehicle dynamics system.

Design & Styling

The Special Version will come with a new styling theme. The brand has also worked in the aerodynamics department and the focus is on maximising the downforce. The Special Version features new front air intakes, a new rear diffuser and a rear screen with vortex generators. The tail also features a stronger fastback look and the car appears more compact from the profile.