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FedEx Express will test Electric Vehicles for deliveries in India

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Renowned global express transportation company FedEx Express has announced that it will test EVs for conducting deliveries in India. The subsidiary of FedEx Corporation stated that it aims to achieve its global goal of conducting carbon neutral operations by 2040. FedEx Express will begin the trial of its EVs for conducting deliveries in Bangalore, which will end in February 2022. During this period, the company will test the vehicle technology and assess its operational effectiveness on the standard route.

If the company experiences a positive outcome during the trial tests, then it will extend its trial to Delhi. FedEx Express has considered testing EVs due to the rapid e-commerce growth in India, which has increased last-mile deliveries. By adding EVs to their fleet, the company aims to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, equivalent to five passenger cars. The company also expressed its mission of connecting the world in a responsible and resourceful manner by using EVs.

Plans for the future in India

By commencing the EV trials in India, FedEx Express aims to reduce the overall environmental impact via carbon-neutral operation. The company stated that by 2040 its entire global parcel pickup and delivery (PUD) fleet would consist of zero-emission EVs. It will achieve this goal by conducting programs in a phased manner to replace its existing ICE-powered vehicle fleet. By 2025, FedEx Express aims to purchase 50% of its global PUD vehicles as EVs and 100% by 2030.

FedEx Express reiterated that the EV trial in India is a critical part of its plan of finding the right technology. This will allow them to serve their business, customers, and team members by successfully implementing EVs across its entire fleet. Along with safeguarding the health of the planet, the shift to EVs will enable FedEx Express to access global markets. The company also aims to fulfil its commitment of enhancing its services and solutions in India by implementing EVs.

What is FedEx Express?

As the subsidiary of the American multinational conglomerate, FedEx Corporation, FedEx Express conducts fast and reliable deliveries around the world. With over 220 countries and territories under its belt, the company uses a global air-and-ground network to fulfil time-sensitive shipments. FedEx Express provides assurance towards its global customer base by conducting deliveries under a definite time and date schedule.

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