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FASTag electronic toll collection

FASTag electronic toll collection
Written by Parichay Malvankar

FASTag, a new Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) programme has been launched by the government of India. With this programme, commuters can pay the respective toll electronically without stopping at a particular toll plaza.

Those who use FASTag will get a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag on their front windscreen. Toll plazas will have dedicated lanes for this new ETC system. These lanes will have electronic readers which will pick up the unique number of the RFID tag of a particular vehicle and the fixed toll amount will be charged as per the class of the vehicle, and then, deducted from the users account automatically.

FASTag will be distributed by Axis and ICICI bank through their respective branches and sales agents near toll plazas. There will also be Point of Sale (POS) stations by Axis and ICICI bank to help commuters get a FASTag RFID tag on their vehicle. This new system should help faster movement at toll plazas and also, money going into wrong hands.