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Facebook files patent for electric two-wheeler

Written by Nizam Shaikh

A new patent for an electric two-wheeler has been registered, but it is not from a big two-wheeler manufacturer. Instead, the patent has been filed by the social media giant Facebook. Since a lot of tech companies are getting into the world of electric two-wheelers, Facebook doesn’t want to be left behind, as the future of two-wheelers is quite ‘electric’.

The pictures lead us to believe that the patent design is of a platform with two-wheel drive with two-wheel steering and could be used to develop an autonomous electric two-wheeler. The robotic two-wheeler will not require a human operator and is expected to have two driving motors that are independent of each other and will likely be self-balancing, achieved through a 3-axis stabiliser widely used in videography, to keep the camera stable. The electric motors are likely to drive the wheels via a belt drive and the electric two-wheeler will sport disc brakes which are unconventionally placed, over the housing away from the wheels.

The two-wheeler is still in the concept form and we expect it to be showcased in flesh in the near future. This could become a reality by sometime in 2020-21.