Extending Tyre Life: 5 easy steps

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

One major thing that every car owner pays attention to is the running costs of the vehicle. Buying a car and running it are two opposite side of the same coin. People try to save money out of their daily routine and then shove off much of it in expensive car maintenance bills.

One of such expenses that might strike your wallet early is the tyre set. Saving your tyres for prolonged time with some easy steps is all what you might want to do. So, here are five easy steps to extend your tyre life and make the maximum out of them.


The very first thing that you might be aware of. Drive smoothly, means, acceleration, braking & handling. Frequent direction changes, sudden accelerations and hard braking not only disturb the momentum of vehicle but also lead to eating away of rubber. Take each step smoothly to ensure increase in their life span.


THE condition of roads you drive on are not similar everywhere. Sudden potholes and bad patches are an everyday routine for your tyres. That leading to more usage of rubber for better grip. Also, if you carry speeds over such patches of road, the tyres need to work more to keep things stuck to the ground. All this leads to misbalancing of tyre and misalignment of the tyre line leading to wear and tear of tyres very early and also disturbing handling.

Get your tyres aligned at regular intervals and also maintain the alignment record. Also get the balancing rectified, otherwise it will be leading to wobble of tyres.


A very easy step that even manufacturer and mechanic tells you to do. Check tyre pressure every fortnight. Reduced pressure means more traction and more expanding of tyre, ultimately, shoving off your rubber early.


Another major thing to take care of is the rotation of tyres. Each tyre of car experiences different types of wear and tear, thus, the pressure on each tyre is different and this leads to varied deformation of tyres. To get all the tyres evenly degraded with time, rotation is a must. Get your tyres rotated at a least of 7,000 kms to keep them fit and fine. Before rotating the tyres make sure to check that our tyres are not unidirectional. If they are then they can’t be rotated diagonally.


A step that you can take while buying a car. In emergency situations, when brakes are applied, non-ABS cars get their wheels locked up ultimately leading to skidding away of tyres. ABS not only prevents such locking but also ensures equivalent braking power without skidding the tyres.

All this leads to saving of tyres and money for you.