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Exclusive: TVS-BMW motorcycle codenamed as K03, parts arrive

Exclusive: TVS-BMW motorcycle codenamed as K03, parts arrive
Written by Parichay Malvankar

BIG NEWS! Since most of use have been waiting to hear about the smallest of updates about the new motorcycles coming out from the TVS-BMW alliance, things are finally falling into place.

TVS-BMW have already started to import parts for their new motorcycle which is codenamed as the ‘K03’. The codename K03 could also suggest that the upcoming bike is a 300cc motorcycle.

The first batch of parts to have been imported include exhaust system prototypes.

The hottest new motorcycle category for TVS-BMW is going to be the 300cc-class which is seeing more and more competition. The company has confirmed that when this new range in unveiled, there will at least be three variants on offer. This could include a track-spec sportsbike, a naked street bike and an adventure model.

The design and engineering tasks are being carried out by BMW in Munich and TVS will work on the later stages to make these bikes road-ready.

TVS-BMW bikes could be revealed at the Intermot motorcycle show in October 2015.

Expect bikes to make it to the Indian streets before the international launch.

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